A divine soul took birth In the latter half of nineteenth century on an auspicious Thursday. The day of the birth of this divine consciousness fell on Guru Purnima (a full moon day falling on the day dedicated to the Guru). Baba Prakashpuri was a man of detachment. However, for his attendants and disciples he was very kind-hearted and generous. Baba Prakashpuri was a simple, and inostentatious saint . He was at peace with his own inner self. Babaji was a Sadguru (worthy preceptor), a siddh (manifested with magical power) saint. He was a man of few words, and those words are always positive.

Baba Prakashpuri  was a simple, and unostentatious saint . He was at peace with his own inner self. He was one such rare Guru who would always discourage his own worship by his disciples. On being cajoled and requested repeatedly, only once in his life-time did he concede to  get consecrated by his devotees. He believed in humanitarianism and  was unconnected in  the absolute sense. Though he was, without doubt, extra-ordinary, he strove to remain ordinary. Whether it  was organizing a free-meal for the poor on a grand scale in Maha Kumbh Fair at Haridwar, or the consecration of Shiva Lingum by the five top Shivacharyas (top ordained devotees of lord Shiva), He always desisted from taking a very special persons seat on the gaudy dais meant for.

Baba Prakashpuri, envisioned the presence of God in all men and women, Baba respected all religions. In the same way, he would respect all birds, animals, even insects. He would never ask anyone who visited his Ashram anything about his caste or his hermitage as “swami” (Master) and each women as “Mai”(Mother) . Further, each devotee was free to worship the deity he had faith in, or meditate in his own individual way in his Ashram. Even today one could come across a few foreigner devotees who would spot an image of Jesus Christ in Baba’s person. On many occasions sufi quawwals would be singing their quawallis  in the  worship of Allah  as they before Baba’s statue. Sufi quawwals  are singers, generally Muslim, who clap their palms rhythmically as they sing their quawallis which are primarily spiritual or metaphysical compositions.    

Babaji was a Sadguru (worthy preceptor), a siddh (manifested with magical/ miraculous power) saint. He was a man of few words, and those words are always positive. He did not believed in preaching; he preached through practice only. Deeply contented, he was severe patient, sober and focused. However, whoever knew Babaji from close quarters; swear that he had a great sense of humor. Sometimes, he would stump a person with his brilliant witticisms. This is because his humor transcended all worldly jealousies and selfishness. His wit was buoyed with joy of a rare kind. His words reflected the innocence and transparency of a little child. The true characteristic of a saint is that his mind is pure; this is perhaps, because of the fact that he may be a Sadhak (a spiritual preserver) of the highest kind.


  • 24वां बरसी भंडारा

    24वाँ बरसी भंडारा – 5 अक्टूबर और 6 अक्टूबर 2023

    श्री श्री 1008 संत शिरोमणि बाबा प्रकाश पुरी जी महाराज की बरसी के अवसर पर परम शिष्य श्री रविपुरी जी महाराज की अध्यक्षा में 24वाँ बरसी भंडारा।

  • Raisina

    A tranquil place where many find their inner self and bliss.

  • Ravi Baba

    According to the Hindu belief, spiritual journey to the absolute is, generally, not accomplished in one life time. The Sadhak (religiously preserving ascetic) soul moves with its spiritual tradition inherited from previous births. However when God kindly smiles on someone, the path of adoption of the Guru becomes easy. This auspicious co-incidence happened in Ravi Baba’s spiritual path. As […]


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